Business Intelligence Markup Language

  • Compile Metadata into BI Solutions
  • .NET-Based Scripting Language
  • Powerful code generation
  • Reuse BI patterns and components
  • 100% SSIS/SSAS Compatible

"It's Monday and I'm done for the week.”

- Biml User (who didn't tell his boss)


Automate Development of SQL Server, SSIS, and SSAS

SQL Server, meet Biml, the markup language and compiler that translate metadata into business intelligence solutions for the Microsoft SQL Server Platform. Biml can be extended by BimlScript – inline .NET code in your files – to quickly expand basic directives into relational models, Integration Services packages, Analysis Services Cubes, and more.


Slash Development Time with Metadata Driven Code Generation

The advanced BimlScript extensions to Biml allow you to turn tedious, repetitive work into reusable scripts that expand at compile time. Automate package generation for processing flat files and build reusable components for common BI tasks. Call or include other BimlScript to turn complex ETL patterns into simple, layered steps. Drive the entire code generation process from metadata that can live anywhere: Excel, flat files, databases, database schemas, Biml files - you name it.


Make Your Tools Work for You

Do you often find yourself working around limitations in your BI development tools? Biml helps to reduce development friction. Make changes in one place and recompile. Don’t waste time dealing with corrupted metadata in SSIS because you added a column or changed a data type – the Biml compiler analyzes your entire solution, applying changes and side effects. Add a column to a table and we automatically rewrite everything for you, including database creation scripts, SSIS packages, cubes, documentation, and more. How easy is that?


No Vendor Lock In

The Varigence BI platform leverages Microsoft SQL Server technologies including Integration Services (SSIS) and Analysis Services (SSAS). No closed source embedded code or custom runtimes – your compiled solution is instantly readable, editable, and usable with standard Microsoft tools. Solutions generated from Biml integrate seamlessly your existing environment. If you choose to stop using Biml in the future - no problem - you can immediately fall back to using standard Microsoft tools without Biml.


Don't Get Stuck with Someone Else's Framework

If you can do it in BIDS, you can do it in Biml. Biml simplifies BI tasks into reusable, componentized blocks without locking you out of the bare metal. Directly manipulate SSIS Tasks, Transformations, and expressions. Create full fidelity OLAP cubes. Use our higher-level abstractions where they make sense, and skip them where they don't. You have control over your framework.


Extend Biml for Your Needs

Powerful Transformer BimlScript allows you to extend the compiler, adding your own best practices and frameworks, or even changing the way we generate code. With Biml you can embed a little piece of your team architect into each and every BI developer. Design patterns done right.