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Varigence.Languages.Biml.LogProvider Namespace
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AstLogProviderBaseNode is the base type for all log provider types available in the SQL Server Integration Services.
SQL Server Integration Services includes several log providers that enable users to record a log of events that occur during package execution. You can also create a custom log provider.
The SQL Server log provider writes log entries to the sysssislog table in a SQL Server database.
The XML File log provider writes log entries to an XML file.
The Windows Event log provider writes log entries to the application log in the Windows Event log on the local computer.
The Text log provider writes log entries in comma-separated value (CSV) format to ASCII text files with the file name extension of .log.
The SQL Server Profiler log provider writes traces that can be viewed using SQL Server Profiler. The default file name extension for these files is .trc.

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