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Varigence.Languages.Biml.Transformation.CodePlex Namespace
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The Multiple Hash custom component is used to produce hash values for a selection of input columns using a choice of hashing algorithms. It is capable of producing multiple hashed output columns with a single instance of the component. You will need to install this component on your server as it is published on CodePlex as a community project. Please see for more information.
The AstMultipleHashOutputColumnNode type is used to specify an output column for the Multiple Hash component. It includes a selection of hashing algorithm and a list of references to input columns whose values should be hashed to produce hashed values for this output column.
  Parent Type Summary
Provides options for how the CodePlex Multiple Hash leverages multiple system cores to compute hashes in parallel.
Provides options for which hashing algorithm should be used by the CodePlex Multiple Hash to compute the hashed value for a given output column.
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