Biml API Reference
AstContainerTaskBaseNode.StaticUserDefinedItems Property
BimlStudio 2017

Specifies a collection of items that are common across all instances of the same type in the framework.
Biml (in Biml.dll)
Language Element:
AstContainerTaskBaseNode is an abstract type, so it does not have a corresponding Biml language element.
.NET API Metadata
Types Containing This Property
  Parent Type Summary
AstContainerTaskBaseNode is the base type that is used for all SQL Server Integration Services task containers in Biml.
AstContainerTaskNode corresponds directly to a SQL Server Integration Services sequence container task.
Custom tasks to run additional code or scripts during the creation of a Table, Dimension, or Fact.
The Foreach ADO Loop enumerates tables or table rows in data that is stored in a variable.
The Foreach ADO.NET Schema Loop enumerates specified information about the data source.
The Foreach File Loop enumerates files in a folder.
The Foreach From Variable Loop enumerates enumerable objects contained in a specified variable.
The Foreach Item Loop enumerates items in collections.
AstForEachLoopNode corresponds directly to a SQL Server Integration Services foreach loop container task.
The Foreach Nodelist Loop loops through all the nodes of an XML file that is the result of applying an Xpath expression to an XML file and enumerates and lists specified elements.
The Foreach SMO loop enumerates a SQL Server Management Objects (SMO) obect on a specified instance of SQL Server.
AstForLoopContainerTaskNode corresponds directly to a SQL Server Integration Services for loop container task.
The AstPackageNode type corresponds directly to a SQL Server Integration Services package.
AstRetryContainerTaskNode is an abstract type that creates a for loop container that will automatically re-run all child tasks as many times as is specified.
The Control Flow Part enables SSIS developers to create reusable fragments of SSIS control flows. For Biml developers, this can be a useful tool for collaborating with team members that do not use Biml. Specifically, Biml can be used to autogenerate control flow parts that are consumed by manually developed SSIS packages.
The Package Part Base type provides an abstract base type for all SSIS package parts.
AstStagingContainerTaskNode is an abstract type that creates one or more tables at the beginning of the container, executes child tasks, and then destroys the created tables at the end of the container.
The Task Event Handler performs responds to events raised by tasks in the package.