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AstMetadataBaseNode.IsInBrokenLiveBimlScript Property
BimlStudio 2017

Specifies whether or not this object is part of a live BimlScript containing an error, which means that this is a cached object that may be out-of-date
Biml (in Biml.dll)
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AstMetadataBaseNode is an abstract type, so it does not have a corresponding Biml language element.
.NET API Metadata
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Types Containing This Property
  Parent Type Summary
This is the common abstract base class for all global Biml project metadata items.
Metadata instance objects include all of the metadata specifications for a given metadata model. Note that there may be many metadata instance objects for each metadata model. The metadata model specifies the structure and rules for a collection of metadata. The metadata instance specifies the actual metadata within that model.
A metadata model defines all configuration necessary for an end-user to specify and validate metadata that will be used by downstream BimlScripts to automatically generate assets.
The AstOfflineSchemaNode stores all information necessary to build a package that targets a specific data source without having to connect to the data source at build time. It is essentially a cache of offline schema items, each containing column type information for a table or query result set.