Accelerating the Raw Data Vault Layer

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Accelerating the Raw Data Vault Layer

Once the source and corresponding Data Vault modelling is done, creating a Raw Data Vault layer involves mapping source data to Data Vault constructs. BimlFlex provides acceleration of this process by technical analysis of the source data and its relationships to automatically create the required Data Vault structures and mapping the source data to the destination.

The accelerator creates a preview of the Data Vault artefacts so that the model can be reviewed and refined through the normal modelling and development process. Once the preview matches expectations it can be published to the metadata repository.

Once the metadata has been refreshed in BimlStudio and in the Excel based metadata management solution it can be built and implemented or further refined.

Detailed Steps

The following detailed steps walks through the acceleration of the Raw Data Vault Layer

Configuring the Accelerator

To start the acceleration process, configure the accelerator to the record source and project used. For the trial this is the AWLT record source from the AdventureWorks LT database and the LOAD_RDV project.

Previewing the Acceleration result

Click the preview button to generate a preview of the Data Vault. In the BimlStudio logical view the corresponding tables will be visible in the preview schema. Using the schema visualization tool in the documentation tab the data vault schema can be visualized and reviewed.

Publishing the Acceleration result

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Refreshing the metadata in Excel to review the Data Vault

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Building the new solution

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