BimlFlex 2017


BimlFlex general

  • Added metadata model validators to the bundle
  • Added initial support for toggle-able output of flat biml and ddl for entire BimlFlex solution on build
  • Added BimlFlexJsonImporter to import customer metadata.
  • Added Json MetadataPump and add DebugUserSettings to allow Varigence BimlFlex Support to simulate a user project
  • Fixed an issue with IsNotPersistent logic
  • Added BimlCatalogWrapper project for OpenSource
  • Added support for same name for STG/PSA database
  • Fixed an issue with Flat File template
  • Fixed an issue with IsInitialLoad and Add Inferred Hubs from Sat and Links
  • Fixed an issue with PSA Merge Alias for PrimaryKey Join
  • Fixed an issue for PSA and IsNotPersistent

Metadata Management

  • Added AllowCustomInput to the DropDowns that should be optional
  • Added Delete entities with selection and update mdv procs.
  • Fixed an issue with FlexToBk with @@rs length and Validators for ObjectInheritance
  • Added support for multiple Multi-Active keys (MAK keys)
  • Added Table CDC Object Types for SQL Server CDC Source objects
  • Added modeling Support for Multi Active Satellites and Customer columns to MDV

Infer Hub functionality

  • Added functionality to infer loading of Hubs from Link source tables
  • Added check for InferHub configuration into SQL procedure creation

Table creation scripts

  • Fixed CreateSql script to include Schema and PSA where in some instances they would be missing
  • Fixed OverrideSql check for PSA INIT to ensure that the OverrideSql is not applied twice

Data Type management

  • Added extended support for some SQL Datatypes such as Geometry and Geography
  • Fixed CustomTypes in BimlDataType

Data Vault Accelerator

  • Added CustomType logic to DataVault Accelerator
  • Enable SchemaGraph documentation and Fix DV publish with saved user settings
  • Fixed issue with DV Accelerator publish using stale but cached metadata database credentials

Extension Points

  • Added PrePost Sql Extension Points. This allows for easier custom definitions for SQL scripts, such as for injecting compression definitions into table create scripts
  • Fixed issue with PIT ExtensionPoint for LagSql


  • Added functionality to map data types into Staging and RDV. This enables expansion of data types to accommodate future source system changes
  • Added Stored Procedure wcf.SetApplyDataTypeMappings to support DataTypeMappings
  • Fixed DataTypeMappings when target columns exist
  • Fixed DataType mappings for Source to Stage adding Data Conversion and Error Handling
  • Added additional variables and fix data type mappings.

Oracle Rdb support

  • Add initial support for Oracle Rdb
  • Add IgnoreSchema for Oracle Rdb integration
  • Add logic to exclude schema name from source queries for Oracle Rdb


  • Updates to Custom Components DLL names. Existing installations using legacy names should consider an upgrade to new names.
  • Adding check for Sat cache directory and clean up
  • Fix PSA INIT load Source thread
  • Fixed SsisExpression for LSK columns to correctly use @@rs
  • Added SQL Server CDC source component

Azure SQL Data Warehouse

  • Fixed issue with SqlExpression for SQLDW

File to Staging

  • Added File archiving to File to Stage Template

BimlFlex Utility

Initial Release of separate BimlFlex Support Utility Application

  • Has latest database definitions and BimlFlex Bundle files embedded

Supports the following functions

  • Deploy BimlFlex metadata database to SQL Server
  • Deploy BimlCatalog orchestration database to SQL Server
  • Copy BimlFlex Bundle file to installation folders. Search for and replace BimlFlex Bundle files in project folders
  • Read metadata for a Customer/Version from BimlFlex database and save to file for easy submission to Varigence BimlFlex Support team for issue resolution