Creating a BimlFlex Project

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Creating a BimlFlex project

The BimlFlex project is comprised of the project files on disk that BimlStudio interacts with and the metadata stored in the BimlFlex metadata repository database.

The project has a connection defined to the Metadata Repository to use. The default database name is BimlFlex and that database was created using the utility application in the previous step. The first time the project is opened it needs to be configured for the Sql Server version used and Ssis deployment method. Once the project is configured it is ready to be used for data modelling and Data Warehouse generation.

Detailed Steps

The following detailed steps walks through the creation of a BimlFlex project.


The previous steps in the trial process needs to have been completed. This includes:

  • The latest version of BimlStudio and BimlFlex are installed.
  • The BimlFlex Utility Application has been used to create the BimlFlex and BimlCatalog Databases.
  • The BimlFlex Utility Application has been used to update the Bundle File in the installation folders.

Start BimlStudio

When BimlStudio is started there is an option to create a new BimlFlex project.

Create BimlFlex Project

Click the Create BimlFlex project button to create a new project. Enter a valid location for the project and name it BimlFlex Trial Project.

Define Metadata Connection

Define the connection and login information to the BimlFlex metadata database to use. This database was created using the Utility Application.

Create Metadata Customer

In the BimlFlex configuration, create a new Customer and name it BimlFlex Trial Project

Configure BimlStudio to build for Sal Server 2016 Ssis

Right-click the project name BimlFlex Trial Project.mst in the logical view and choose properties to display the BimlStudio project properties. Update the Sql Server version setting to build out to Sql Server 2016.

Click the Save All button or menu option to save the metadata and project settings.

Restart BimlStudio

BimlStudio needs to be restarted once the customer metadata settings and Ssis configuration has been updated. When restarted the configurations are active in BimlStudio.

Open and configure BimlFlex Excel Metadata Editor

Once BimlStudio has restarted, navigate to the BimlFlex Tab and click the Excel Metadata Editor button to start the Excel Metadata Editor.

If this is the first time it is opened, enter the license key in the activation dialog.

Once opened, configure the metadata connection to point to the Trial Project.

Click the Get All Entities button in the BimlFlex ribbon to query the repository for the latest metadata set. The first time a request is sent to an empty customer BimlFlex allows creation of sample metadata. Click Create Sample to create the sample metadata.

Save the Excel file to save the connection information for next time.