Installing BimlFlex Add-In

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The BimlFlex installation installs the BimlFlex Excel based metadata editor. This is a plugin in to Excel and will be visible as a separate tab in the Excel ribbon when the BimlFlex-enabled Excel workbook is opened from a BimlFlex project.
When installing it is important to match the Excel bitness version. Verify the Excel bitness version before starting the installation and only install the matching version of BimlFlex. There is an option to install custom Ssis components in the BimlFlex installer. As the components have been updated since the installer was released it is not necessary to install them through this process. A separate installer is provided with the custom components

Detailed Steps

The following detailed steps walks through the installation of BimlFlex

Download BimlFlex

Use the link in the Trial email to download the installer

Install BimlFlex

Run the installer to install the application. When presented with the choice of 32 and/or 64 bit installation, choose the version that matches your local Excel installation and install only that version.

Enter product key

Once the BimlFlex Excel based metadata editor is started for the first time, enter your Trial key to activate the product.