Installing BimlStudio

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BimlStudio is the development environment provided for BimlFlex. The installation provides the platform for creating and working with BimlFlex projects. The building of Ssis packages and Ssis projects also require that the matching Visual Studio and Sql Server Data Tools with Ssis support is available on the machine. For machines where there is a local installation of a 64 bit Sql server there will be 64 bit build components available. For an installation without Sql Server but with Visual Studio and SSDT there will be 32 bit build components available.

BimlStudio is available in 2 bitness flavors. 32 and 64 bit. For the trial it is recommended that both versions are installed. For the scenario where only 32 bit Ssis build components are available locally it is still possible to run the 64 bit version of BimlStudio and build using the 32 bit components.

Once the installation is completed it is possible to start BimlStudio. The first time it is opened it will ask for a license key. The trial license key is provided in the trial welcome email together with the download locations and documentation. Adding the license key enables the use of BimlStudio.

BimlStudio supports both classical BimlStudio projects and BimlFlex projects. for the BimlFlex projects to work for the trial it is important that the databases are created and that the BimlFlex Bundle file is updated through the BimlFlex Utility Application.

Detailed Steps

The following detailed steps walks through the installation of BimlStudio

Download BimlStudio

Navigate to the BimlStudio page or use the link in the Trial email to download the installer

Install BimlStudio

Run the installer to install the application. When presented with the choice of 32 and/or 64 bit installation, choose to install both versions.

Enter product key

Once BimlStudio is started for the first time, enter your Trial key to activate the product.