Using Trial Snapshot Metadata

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Using prepared trial metadata

The BimlFlex database contains preloaded trial metadata in the archive tables. It is possible to restore the trial metadata from any point in the trial process and start from there.

Detailed Steps

The following detailed steps walks through how to use the prepared trial metadata

running stored procedures to restore trial metadata from archive

The trial metadata is stored in the archive tables and uses the standard BimlFlex archive and snapshot functionality to restore metadata. The stored procedure that restores metadata is called


and is called through the following syntax

```sql DECLARE @RC int DECLARE @CustomerUID nvarchar(40) DECLARE @VersionName nvarchar(50) DECLARE @SnapshotName nvarchar(128) DECLARE @UserName nvarchar(100)

-- TODO: Set parameter values here.

EXECUTE @RC = [archive].[SetRollbackSnapshot] @CustomerUID ,@VersionName ,@SnapshotName ,@UserName GO


The following snapshots are available for restores:

No Name Description
1 Snapshot 1 Snapshot of metadata for source to staging load for AdventureWorks LT
2 Snapshot 2 Snapshot of metadata for source to staging to persistent staging load for AdventureWorks LT
3 Snapshot 3 Snapshot of modelled metadata before acceleration of Data Vault objects
4 Snapshot 4 Snapshot of metadata after acceleration of Data Vault objects
5 Snapshot 5 Snapshot of metadata after adding Bridge and PIT Data Vault objects
6 Snapshot 6 tba
7 Snapshot 7 tba
8 Snapshot 8 tba
9 Snapshot 9 tba
1o Snapshot 10 tba