Biml Language Reference
Columns Child Collection
This is a container for table column definitions.
Permitted Collection Child Definitions
  Child API Type Description
<Column /> AstTableColumnNode
Columns represent regular SQL Server table columns. They have no special properties or capabilities beyond regular SQL Server columns.
<HashedKey /> AstTableHashedKeyColumnNode
Hashed Key Columns automatically create a computed column that is an SHA-1 hash of all of the columns included in the referenced constraint. This column type is useful for creating a single column key value that mirrors a chosen multi-column key.
<MultipleColumnTableReference /> AstMultipleColumnTableReferenceNode
Multiple-column table references are used to create a local column with a relationship to a multiple-column key of a regular table. Multiple-column table references can be used with foreign keys having any number of columns. Use table reference columns for a version of table references that is optimized for single column keys.
<TableReference /> AstTableColumnTableReferenceNode
Table reference columns are used to create a local column with a relationship to a key column of a table, dimension, or fact table. Table reference columns can be used only with single column foreign keys, and the column properties will be directly inferred from the key of the foreign table. Use the multiple column table reference for keys with multiple columns.