Biml Language Reference
LogProviders Child Collection
Defines the log providers to use for the SSIS task or container
Permitted Collection Child Definitions
  Child API Type Description
<CustomLogProvider /> AstCustomLogProviderNode
SQL Server Integration Services includes several log providers that enable users to record a log of events that occur during package execution. You can also create a custom log provider.
<ProfilerLogProvider /> AstProfilerLogProviderNode
The SQL Server Profiler log provider writes traces that can be viewed using SQL Server Profiler. The default file name extension for these files is .trc.
<SqlServerLogProvider /> AstSqlServerLogProviderNode
The SQL Server log provider writes log entries to the sysssislog table in a SQL Server database.
<TextLogProvider /> AstTextLogProviderNode
The Text log provider writes log entries in comma-separated value (CSV) format to ASCII text files with the file name extension of .log.
<WindowsEventLogProvider /> AstWindowsEventLogProviderNode
The Windows Event log provider writes log entries to the application log in the Windows Event log on the local computer.
<XmlLogProvider /> AstXmlLogProviderNode
The XML File log provider writes log entries to an XML file.