Biml Language Reference
AzureStorageConnection Element
The Azure Storage Connection connects to a Microsoft Azure bloc storage account.
  Attribute API Type Default Description
Account String
Specifies the name of the Azure storage acount that should be used.

[.NET API Property: Account]

AccountKey String
Specifies the key that is provided by Microsoft Azure to securely access the specified Account. This value should be kept secret.

[.NET API Property: AccountKey]

CreateInProject Boolean
This value specifies whether the Connection should be created as a ConnectionManager within each SSIS package that uses it or as a shared ConnectionManager for each project that uses it.

[.NET API Property: CreateInProject]

CreatePackageConfiguration Boolean
This value specifies whether a PackageConfiguration should be created for this connection.

[.NET API Property: CreatePackageConfiguration]

DelayValidation Boolean
This value indicates that the connection should not be validated (tested to make sure that it points to a valid resource) until immediately before it is used.

[.NET API Property: DelayValidation]

LogicalDisplayFolder String
Specifies a path that should be used for organizing the tree display of this object in the Logical View in BimlStudio.

[.NET API Property: LogicalDisplayFolder]

Name String
Specifies the name of the object. This name can be used to reference this object from anywhere else in the program.

[.NET API Property: Name]

UseDeveloperStorage Boolean
Specifies whether or not a local developer storage account should be used for the file transfer. The default is false. If this property is set to true, then the Account and AccountKey properties are ignored.

[.NET API Property: UseDeveloperStorage]

UseHttps Boolean
Specifies whether or not HTTPS should be used for file transfers. The default is true.

[.NET API Property: UseHttps]

Collection Children
  Child API Type Description
    <Annotation />
This is a collection of annotation items that can be used to specify documentation, tags, or other information. Annotations are particularly useful for storing information about nodes that can be used by BimlScript code.

[.NET API Property: Annotations]

    <Expression />
This is a collection of SSIS expression definitions for connection property value overrides.

[.NET API Property: Expressions]