Biml Language Reference
DataflowInputPath Element
AstDataflowInputPathNode is used to model input paths in a SQL Server Integration Services dataflow task. Connections are made by referencing an appropriate output path.
  Attribute API Type Default Description
OutputPathName AstDataflowOutputPathNode
Specifies the name of the output path that this input path will be bound to. Any data that flow out of the reference output path will flow into this input path.

[.NET API Property: OutputPath]

PathAnnotation DataflowPathAnnotation
Specifies the path annotation mode that should be used for the parent input path.

[.NET API Property: PathAnnotation]

SsisName String
Specifies the name of the object to be used in DTSX package emission.

[.NET API Property: SsisName]

Collection Children
  Child API Type Description
    <Annotation />
This is a collection of annotation items that can be used to specify documentation, tags, or other information. Annotations are particularly useful for storing information about nodes that can be used by BimlScript code.

[.NET API Property: Annotations]