Biml Language Reference
PartitionScheme Element
Defines a scheme for mapping partitions to filegroups.
  Attribute API Type Default Description
Name String
Specifies the name of the object. This name can be used to reference this object from anywhere else in the program.

[.NET API Property: Name]

PackageSubpath String
This specifies a file path fragment to use for emitting output files for this database. It is most commonly employed to ensure that the output files for multiple objects will be placed into the same output directory.

[.NET API Property: PackageSubpath]

PartitionFunctionName AstPartitionFunctionNode
A reference to the partition function that will use this partition scheme.

[.NET API Property: PartitionFunction]

SingleFilegroup Boolean
If True, indicates that all partitions map to a single filegroup. If false, partitions will be mapped to multiple filegroups.

[.NET API Property: SingleFilegroup]

Collection Children
  Child API Type Description
    <Annotation />
This is a collection of annotation items that can be used to specify documentation, tags, or other information. Annotations are particularly useful for storing information about nodes that can be used by BimlScript code.

[.NET API Property: Annotations]

    <Filegroup />
Defines the names of the filegroups to hold the partitions. The filegroup names must match those defined in the database.

[.NET API Property: Filegroups]