Biml Language Reference
SlowlyChangingDimension Element
The Slowly Changing Dimension transformation checks for dimension attribute changes in incoming data, determines how related records are updated, and specifies how the updated records are inserted into data warehouse dimension tables.
  Attribute API Type Default Description
ConnectionName AstOleDbConnectionNode
This value specifies a direct reference to the OLE DB connection where the query will be executed.

[.NET API Property: Connection]

DefaultCodePage Int32
This value specifies which default code page to use when the data source does not specify a default code page.

[.NET API Property: DefaultCodePage]

EnableInferredMember Boolean
This value determines whether the Slowly Changing Dimension transformation will check for inferred member records that require updating.

[.NET API Property: EnableInferredMember]

FailOnFixedAttributeChange Boolean
This value indicates whether the transformation fails when changes occur in row columns with Fixed attributes. The default value is False.

[.NET API Property: FailOnFixedAttributeChange]

FailOnLookupFailure Boolean
The value determines whether the transformation fails if no match for an incoming row is found in the lookup table. The default value is False.

[.NET API Property: FailOnLookupFailure]

IncomingRowChangeType SlowlyChangingDimensionIncomingRowChangeType
This value determines whether incoming rows are handled as new rows, or whether the type of change is detected for each column and the incoming rows directed to output based on types of changes they contain.

[.NET API Property: IncomingRowChangeType]

InferredMemberIndicator String
This value specifies the name of the column which is used to store inferred member records.

[.NET API Property: InferredMemberIndicator]

LocaleId Language
This value specifies which locale is used by the dataflow task.

[.NET API Property: LocaleId]

Name String
Specifies the name of the object. This name can be used to reference this object from anywhere else in the program.

[.NET API Property: Name]

UpdateChangingAttributeHistory Boolean
This value specifies whether or not historical attribute changes sent to the output path for changing attribute updates.

[.NET API Property: UpdateChangingAttributeHistory]

ValidateExternalMetadata Boolean
This value specifies whether the data flow transformation is validated against columns that originated in external data sources. When server assets such as tables and stored procedures are created during processing, ValidateExternalMetadata is normally set to False, which prevents validation from completing at compile time.

[.NET API Property: ValidateExternalMetadata]

Singleton Children
  Child API Type Description
<CurrentRowWhere /> String
This WHERE clause specifies only the current row when several rows have the same business key.

[.NET API Property: CurrentRowWhere]

<ErrorHandling /> AstComponentErrorHandlingNode
This value specifies how errors are handled by default in columns processed by the component. This can be overriden at the component or column level for specific cases.

[.NET API Property: ErrorHandling]

<InputPath /> AstDataflowInputPathNode
This specifies the input path that will be used by this dataflow component. If an input path is not specified, the dataflow component will attempt to automatically discover an appropriate input path based on the surrounding dataflow.

[.NET API Property: InputPath]

<Query /> AstTaskResourceNode
This value specifies the text or location of the query that will be executed.

[.NET API Property: Query]

Collection Children
  Child API Type Description
    <Annotation />
This is a collection of annotation items that can be used to specify documentation, tags, or other information. Annotations are particularly useful for storing information about nodes that can be used by BimlScript code.

[.NET API Property: Annotations]

    <Column />
This is a collection of column mapping definitions that determine how each of the specified columns will be handled with respect to value changes.

[.NET API Property: Columns]

    Multiple Choices...
Provides a collection of objects to override properties of the component, its input paths, its output paths, and its consituent dataflow columns.

[.NET API Property: DataflowOverrides]