Biml Language Reference
Table Element
Table objects correspond directly to regular tables in the SQL Server product. They support all of the same features and present all of the same limitations.
  Attribute API Type Default Description
CompressionType TableCompressionType
This value specifies what kind of compression the table uses.

[.NET API Property: CompressionType]

ExternalPartitionScheme String
Defines that the table uses a partition that is not modeled as part of the project. This can also be used to create the table on a particular filegroup or the "default" filegroup.

[.NET API Property: ExternalPartitionScheme]

FriendlyName String
Specifies the name to use in the SSAS data source view and downstream SSAS objects.

[.NET API Property: FriendlyName]

LateArriving Boolean
This value specifies whether the table supports late arriving rows. Late arriving rows allow the table to create placeholder values that are patched later when a dimension foreign key value is loaded in a referencing tabe before it is present in this table.

[.NET API Property: LateArriving]

LogicalDisplayFolder String
Specifies a path that should be used for organizing the tree display of this object in the Logical View in BimlStudio.

[.NET API Property: LogicalDisplayFolder]

Name String
Specifies the name of the object. This name can be used to reference this object from anywhere else in the program.

[.NET API Property: Name]

PackageSubpath String
This specifies a file path fragment to use for emitting output files for this table. It is most commonly employed to ensure that the output files for multiple tables will be placed into the same output directory.

[.NET API Property: PackageSubpath]

PartitionColumnName AstTableColumnBaseNode
Defines the table column used by the partition scheme.

[.NET API Property: PartitionColumn]

PartitionSchemeName AstPartitionSchemeNode
Indicates the partition scheme that will be used by this table.

[.NET API Property: PartitionScheme]

SchemaName AstSchemaNode
This value specifies the schema to which this table belongs. If this value is not supplied, the table will use the default schema specified in the database.

[.NET API Property: Schema]

Singleton Children
  Child API Type Description
<FileGroup /> AstDatabaseFileGroupResourceNode
Specifies the database file group within which this table should be created.

[.NET API Property: FileGroup]

<ExternalFileGroup /> AstExternalDatabaseFileGroupResourceNode
<View /> AstViewNode
Defines the information necessary to emit the table as a view.

[.NET API Property: View]

Collection Children
  Child API Type Description
    <Annotation />
This is a collection of annotation items that can be used to specify documentation, tags, or other information. Annotations are particularly useful for storing information about nodes that can be used by BimlScript code.

[.NET API Property: Annotations]

    <CheckConstraint />
Defines the collection of check constraints associated with the table.

[.NET API Property: CheckConstraints]

    Multiple Choices...
This is a container for table column definitions.

[.NET API Property: Columns]

    <CustomExtension />
This is a collecton of containers for table index definitions or other table customization.

[.NET API Property: CustomExtensions]

    Multiple Choices...
This is a container for all SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) metadata objects that are associated with this table definition. These include both multidimensional and tabular metadata.

[.NET API Property: AnalysisMetadata]

    Multiple Choices...
This is a container for table key definitions.

[.NET API Property: Keys]

    <Index />
This is a container for table index definitions.

[.NET API Property: Indexes]

    <StaticSource />
This is a container for table source definitions.

[.NET API Property: Sources]