Mist User Guide
Action Editor

Use the actions editor to view and edit actions for the selected cube.

Action Designer

For any action, input its name and invocation type directly in its data grid row. Specify an action's Application, Description, Caption, and Condition in the row's details area.


To select drillthrough columns in drillthrough actions, check an attribute or measure to select it. To order the selected items, use drag and drop within the Order Selected Items list box.

Drillthrough Actions

For report actions, add a format parameter and supply a value in its data grid row. Additionally, add parameters and enter a MDX expression for each.

Report Actions

For standard actions, supply an MDX expression in the large text editor.

Standard Actions

The action editor's ribbon provides the following functions:

Action Ribbon
DrillThrough ActionAdd a drillthrough action to the cube.
Report ActionAdd a report action to the cube.
Standard ActionAdd a standard action to the cube.
Format ParameterAdd a format parameter to a selected report action.
ParameterAdd a parameter to a selected report action.