Mist User Guide
Biml Editor

Use the Biml editor to edit Biml files.

Biml Designer

Every item in the Logical View has an associated Biml file. While the item's editor and the property grid can typically provide complete customization for an item, it may be convenient to alter Biml directly.

Designer and Biml side by side

Syntax highlighting, quick info popups, and Intelliprompt are all available.

Biml QuickInfo

Biml Intelliprompt

The Biml editor's ribbon provides the following functions:

PastePaste text from the clipboard into the Biml document.
CutRemove selected text from the document and place it on the clipboard.
CopyCopy selected text to the clipboard.
FontChoose a font for the Biml editor text. The default is Consolas.
SizeChoose a text size for the Biml editor text.
DefReturns font related settings to their defaults.
TypeChoose a type of text to change its foreground or background color.
BackgroundSelect the background color for a type of text.
ForegroundSelect the foreground color for a type of text.
FindOpens the Find and Replace tool window.
Show IntellisenseDisplays an Intelliprompt popup at the cursor location.
Toggle AllChoose to toggle regions in the Biml document.
Include FileAdd a new or existing Biml include file to the open project.
Emittable FileAdd a new or existing Biml emittable file to the open project.
Instant RecompileImmediately recompile the Biml file.
AddAdd a project configuration.
RemoveRemove a project configuration.