Biml Compiler Command Line Options

Mist User Guide
Hadron Compiler Options

The following Hadron Compiler options are sorted alphabetically.

OptionAddl. FlagsPurposeExample
--buildOnly-bOnly the asset with the specified scoped name is emitted.
--buildOnlyWithDependenciesOnly the asset with the specified scoped name, and its dependencies, are emitted.
--cleanOutputFolderDelete all files in the output folder before compilation.
--help-h -?Show help.
--include-iSpecify a Biml file that needs to be included to build source Biml files. -i i1.biml -s s1.biml
--option-oAdditional compiler options that can passed to BimlScripts.
--packageConfigurationPathSpecify the path for SSIS Xml Package Configuration files.
--responseFiles-r -@Specify a response file for compilation.
--source-sSpecify a Biml file to compile and emit. -i i1.biml -s s1.biml
--targetPath-tSpecify the output directory for the generated files.
--transformationScriptResourceAssemblySpecify a custom resource assembly with Transformer BimlScript files.
--transformationScriptSettingsSpecify a custom Transformer BimlScript settings file.
--version-vSet a version for SQL/SSIS/SSAS. Versions may be prefixed with Sql/Ssis/Ssas.--version=Ssas2008
--warnAsErrorTreat warnings as errors during build, causing compilation to fail.
--workflowPath-wSpecify the directory containing Hadron workflow files.