Configuring Project Settings

Mist User Guide
Configuring Project Settings

The project settings editor lets you control project-wide configuration options.

  1. Open the project settings editor by double-clicking the project node in the Logical View.
    Logical View - Project Settings
  2. See the table below for an explanation of the settings on this page.
  3. Save the project after changing settings to commit the updates.
Project SettingDescription
Hadron PathThe path to the 32-bit version of the Hadron compiler.
64-bit Hadron PathThe path to the 64-bit version of the Hadron compiler.
Extra Command Line OptionsAllows additional compiler settings to be passed to the Hadron compiler. See Hadron Compiler Command Line Options for details on the available options.
Generate Response FileCreates a response file, based on the current project settings, that can be used for command line builds.
Source Control
tf PathThe path to the Team Foundation executable. This is only needed if you are using Team Foundation Server for source control.
SQL ServerSpecifies the version of the SQL Server relational database to target.
SSASSpecifies the version of SQL Server Analysis Services to target.
SSISSpecifies the version of SQL Server Integration Services to target.
Errors and Warnings
Warn As ErrorCauses Hadron to treat warnings as errors during the compilation process, so that the build fails if any warnings are encountered.
Clean Output Folder Causes the compiler to remove old items from the output folder
Output PathSpecifies the path where the compiled assets from the project will be stored. This can be a fully qualified path, or a relative path from the project directory.