Creating a New Database

Databases contain relational objects, such as tables, schemas, and views. Any relational object in a database automatically uses the database's connection.

Create a new database:

  1. Go to the Home tab on the ribbon, and click the Database button.
    Database Button

  2. The Database Properties should be open on the right, if not Double-click on the database to open the designer for it.

  3. Databases require that you specify a connection. For this example, use the AdventureWorksLT connection.

  4. Change the Name value from Database1 to AdventureWorksLTDatabase to give the database a meaningful name.
    Finished Database Designer

  5. Save the project to persist your changes to the project files. See Saving a Project for more information.

View Biml

If you right click the connection and click View Biml it should look similar to the following snippet.

<Biml xmlns="">
        <Database Name="AdventureWorksLTDatabase" ConnectionName="AdventureWorksLT" />