Creating a New Schema

Schemas group table assets.

Create a new schema:

  1. Begin by creating a new Connection. To review the steps for creating a connection, see the Creating a Connection topic. For this example, create a connection named AdventureWorksLTDataMart using the following connection string:

    Provider=SQLNCLI11;Data Source=localhost;Initial Catalog=AdventureWorksLTDataMart;Integrated Security=SSPI;

    This connection points to a database that will be created later in the example project.

  2. Next, create a new Database. To review the steps for creating a database, see the Creating a Database topic. For this example, name the database:


    Assign its connection property to


  3. Go to the Home tab on the ribbon, and click the Schema button.
    Database Button

  4. The Schema Properties should be open on the left, if not Double-click on the schema to open the designer for it.

  5. Schemas require that you specify a database. For this example, use the AdventureWorksLTDataMartDatabase that was created above.

  6. Change the Name value from Schema1 to AdventureWorksLTDataMartSchema to give the schema a meaningful name.
    Finished Schema Designer

  7. Save the project to persist your changes to the project files. See Saving a Project for more information.