Mist User Guide
Cube Editor

Use the cube editor to create and modify cube dimension and measure groups, along with dimension relationships between cube dimensions and measure groups.

Cube Designer

Input a measure group's name and associated fact table in the measure group's data grid row.

Cube Measure Groups

Select a measure group to choose its associated measures, and view and edit its dimenson relationships. Enter a dimension relationship's properties directly in its data grid row.

Cube Measure Group Measures

Enter a cube dimension's name and associated project dimension in the cube dimension's data grid row.

Cube Dimensions

Select a cube dimension to view and change its associated cube attributes and hierarchies.

Cube Dimension Details

The cube editor's ribbon provides the following functions:

Cube Ribbon
Measure GroupAdd a measure group to the cube.
Dimension RelationshipChoose and add a dimension, dimension reference, or many to many relationship to a selected measure group.
DimensionAdd a dimension to the cube.
Infer Cube DimensionsGenerate cube dimensions and dimension relationships from project dimensions and measure groups.
Infer Measure Groups Generate measure groups from project fact tables.
Ensure Dimension ReferencesIn each cube dimension, add references to its associated project dimension's attributes and hierarchies.
Ensure Measure Group ReferencesIn each measure group, add references to its associated fact table's measures.