Editors Overview

Mist User Guide
Mist Editors and Tool Windows Overview

This portion of the user guide describes the different editors and tool windows available in Mist.

The Mist UI looks as follows:

Mist UI

Add assets and execute operations using the ribbon along the top of the window.


Easily modify any asset using its visual editor.

Designer Tab

Modify an asset's Biml directly in the Biml editor.

Biml Tab

Add and edit child assets in Mist's tool windows.

Tool Windows

The home ribbon provides the following functions:

Home Ribbon
BuildBuild the open Mist project. The default is a 32-bit build.
SaveSave the project.
ViewChoose a tool window to open and bring to the front of the UI.
Import TablesOpen the Import Tables dialog box.
Import PackagesOpen the Import Dtsx Files dialog
ConnectionChoose a connection type to add to the project. The default is an OLE DB connection.
PackageAdd a package to the project.
TableChoose a table type to add to the project.
ViewChoose a view type to add to the project.
SchemaAdd a schema to the project.
DatabaseAdd a database to the project.
PrincipalAdd a principal to the project.
File FormatChoose a file format type to add to the project.
CubeAdd a cube to the project.
Script ProjectChoose a script project type to add to the project.
Biml ScriptAdd a Biml script to the project.
Static SourceAdd a static source to a table.
Custom ExtensionAdd a custom extension to a table.
AnnotationAdd an annotation to a logical asset.
Show HelpDisplay Mist help.
AboutOpen the About dialog.
License KeyOpen the License Key dialog.