Mist 2.0

Mist User Guide
New Features in 2.0

Mist 2.0 and Biml 2.0 add several important new features to the available functionality.

  • BimlScript Intelliprompt
    BimlScript now supports intelliprompt inside of C# code blocks. It supports all the standard C# functionality, as well as the Biml language model.
  • Import Existing Packages
    Existing SSIS packages can be imported into a Mist project as Biml code. This enables developers to leverage existing investments in SSIS packages, while gaining the benefits of working with Biml.
  • Relational Model Updates
    The relational model in Biml 2.0 has been enhanced to support relational partitions. It has also been upgraded to better support for multiple databases in the same project.