Mist 3.0

Mist User Guide
New Features in 3.0

Mist 3.0 is a major update, which includes the following new features and enhancements:

  • Support for SQL Server 2012 SSIS
  • Import packages into Mist and Biml
  • SSIS Project Deployment Model
  • Emmit SSIS Packages

  • MSBuild Integration & Build Configurations
    Mist now uses a MSBuild-based build system, enabling complete control over builds from the command line and within Mist.
  • Additionally, Mist 3.0 introduces build configurations, which let you customize builds by:
  • Controlling whether built Biml files are treated as source or metadata.
  • Assigning pre and post build events.
  • Building other configurations before and after the build, thus enabling chaining.
  • Build configurations can be created using Mist's new designer or by authoring them in Mist's XML editor. Learn more about build configurations here.
    • Import Tables
    • Import Foreign Key Options
      • Reference Columns with Create and Check Constraint
      • Reference Columns with Create and No Check Constraint
      • Reference Columns with Do Not Create Constraint
      • Regular Columns
    • Import Views Options
      • Import views as views
      • Import views as tables
    • Bug Fixes
    <li><strong>Import Packages</strong>
        <li>Added 2012 Package Support</li>
        <li>Bug Fixes</li>
    <li><strong>Biml Language</strong><ul>
        <li>Table Columns - Added Audit Enum to SCD Type</li>
    <li><strong>All New Project View</strong><ul>
        <li>Enhanced Source Control Integration</li>
        <li>Folder add, edit and delete</li>
        <li>View unsaved items</li>
        <li>Discard Unsaved Changes by each biml file</li>
        <li>Added Mist actions for live and referenced files</li>
        <li>Added Build Options previously only in logical view</li>
        <li>Add root folders to projects for code and metadata reuse</li>
        <li>Added the following items to the context menu:
            <li>View in BimlScript Designer</li>
            <li>Execute BimlScript</li>
            <li>Mist Action</li>
            <li>Discard Unsaved Changes</li>
            <li>Build Asset</li>
            <li>Build Asset &amp Run</li>
            <li>Build Asset &amp Open in BIDS</li>
            <li>Include Descendents in Project</li>
            <li>Open in Windows Explorer</li>
            <li>Remove Missing Items</li>
            <li>Persist Path As</li>
            <li>Added Import Tab</li>
            <li>Added Build &amp Deploy Tab</li>
    <li><strong>Improved Build Performance</strong>
        <br>Build times are 10-20% ?faster than previous releases.
        <br>In addition to purchasing Mist, you can now subscribe to Mist at a low monthly rate. See your options at the <a href="https://varigence.com/store/">Varigence store</a>.
        <li>Enhanced Find and Replace</li>
        <li>Side-by-Side Install</li>
        <li>Bug Fixes</li>