Mist 3.4

Mist 3.4 is another successful short release cycle that delivers powerful new features - less than 6 weeks after Mist 3.3.

Mist UI Changes

  • Added a forward/back button in the quick access toolbar. Forward and back can also be accessed with Alt-Left/Alt-Right, mouse buttons, or touch gestures. History is maintained for 15 items by default.
  • Added a search box to Project View which enables search/filtering by file name
  • Fix for missing root folders on project load
  • Added context menu commands for new sql generation extension methods (see below)
  • Copy Biml context menu item now on all objects. This will give you the raw Biml for any object, even if it is live scripted.
  • Changed the default on logical view to remove empty folders/groups when a search is active
  • Fixed a Mist crash when broken transformers are run from context menu.
  • Improvements to licensing and activation – especially in offline scenarios.
  • Added “View in BimlScript designer” to all logical view root items, which enables you to more easily see expanded Biml for live scripted objects

Package Editor

  • Entirely new Compact Mode that can be toggled with a new ribbon button and which is saved as a project setting.
  • ~20% performance improvement in Package Editor load time for big packages.

BimlEditor Changes

  • Added highlighting of matching delimiters (XML tags, code nuggets, multiline comments, braces, parentheses, etc.)
  • Added highlighting of other instances of the currently selected text
  • Fixed intelliprompt to work better with code in included files
  • Added indentation guides, which are on by default.

Language and Compiler Changes

  • Added SurrogateKey as an option for table column ScdType.
  • File group modeling is now available on databases. Tables and indexes can be assigned to file groups explicitly
  • FilterPredicate has been added to AstIndexNode to support filtered indexes
  • Added DefaultConstraintName to AstTableColumnBaseNode to support naming the default constraint. This is especially useful for source controlled DBs
  • Added new properties for Package emission (VersionMajor, VersionMinor, VersionBuild, CreatorName, CreatorComputerName, CreatedDate).
  • Added support for DataflowOverrides, which provide functionality for changing much of the default options that the compiler sets on output paths and columns.
  • Fix to enable Text and NText in FlatFileFormats
  • Fixed custom component emitter bug reported in forums.
  • Fixed bug with custom log provider emission

Extension Methods

  • Added extension methods to string for XmlEscape and XmlUnescape
  • Added GetColumnCompareList and GetColumnAssignmentList methods on table for easier construction of complex sql queries
  • New extension methods to get CreateAndDropDdl for relational object types
  • New extension methods to get SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE query templates for tables

Package Importer

  • Importer enhanced to use DataflowOverrides
  • Added support to importer to disable import of SSIS descriptions as annotations. These are now on by default.
  • Lookup parameterized queries now import only if cache mode != full