Mist User Guide
Partition Editor

Use the Partitions editor to create and modify partitions, including storage and proactive caching settings, for each cube measure group.

Partition Designer

Enter a partition's name, estimated rows count, and associated aggregation design in the partition's data grid row. Select a partition source (table name or query) and storage mode in the row's details area.


When using a query binding source, enter the query in the T-SQL Editor. Use the Preview Query button to see the query's result.

Query Editor

Click on Advanced Storage Options... to open the Storage Options dialog and specify storage mode, proactive caching, cache settings, tracking tables, and incremental updates for the selected partition.

Storage Options Dialog General Storage Options Dialog Notifications

The partition editor's ribbon provides the following functions:

Partition Ribbon
PartitionAdd a partition to a selected measure group.
Generate Default PartitionsAdd a partition to each cube measure group lacking a partition.