Script Project

Mist User Guide
Script Project Editor

Use the Script Project editor to create and edit script projects that are associated with SSIS script tasks and script components.

Script Project Designer

Select a file to open it in the editor. The editor provides syntax highlighting, region collapsing, and intelliprompt for efficient coding.

Script Project Editor

Select other items in the Script Project Explorer (Resources, Settings, References, etc...) to display their editors.

Script Project Explorer

The Script Project editor's ribbon provides the following functions:

Script Project Ribbon
FileAdd a file to the script project. The default is a language specific file.
FolderAdd a folder to the script project's Files folder.
ResourceAdd a resource in the script project.
SettingAdd a setting in the script project.
ReferenceAdd an assembly reference to the script project.
Read-Only VariableAdd a read-only variable to the script project.
Read/Write VariableAdd a read/write variable to the script project.
Connection ReferenceAdd a reference, to a project connection, to the script component project.
Output BufferAdd an output buffer to the script component project.
ColumnAdd a column to a script component project's input or output buffer.
Test BuildAttempt to compile the script project.