Mist User Guide
Table Editor

Use the Table editor to edit tables, by adding, changing, or removing columns, keys, indexes, and fact or dimension specific objects.

Table Designer

Enter a column's name, data type, length, precision, and other properties in the column's data grid row. Drag and drop a column to create related keys, indexes, or attributes.

Table Column

Edit a table reference column's table and snowflake columns in its data grid row's details area. Drag and drop a snowflake column to create related keys, indexes, or attributes.

Table Reference Column

Edit a measure's name, SSAS type, measure format, aggregation type, and other properties in its data grid row.


Edit a dimension's attributes, hierarchies, and relationships directly in their tree views.

Attribute, Hierarchies, and Relationships

The table editor's ribbon provides the following functions:

Table Ribbon
Table ColumnChoose and add table columns to a table. The default is table column.
Import Table AssetsDisplay the Import Tables dialog, for importing schemas and tables from a database.
KeyChoose a key to add to a table. The default is primary key; if a primary key is present, then the default is unique key.
IndexAdd an index to a table.
MeasureAdd a measure to a fact table.
AttributeAdd an attribute to a dimension.
HierarchyAdd a hierarchy to a dimension.
RelationshipAdd a relationship to a dimension.
Autogenerate MesuresAdd a measure for each table column not already associated with a measure.
Apply Measure FormatsChoose to preserve or overwrite existing measure formats.
Generate Attribute and RelationshipsChoose to generate attributes, relationships, or both for a dimension.