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Accelerate Migration of Existing Data Warehouse to Microsoft APS

BimlStudio enables you to import your existing Data Warehouse relational schemas and SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) packages. Business Intelligence Markup Language (Biml) Transformers can then be used to modify your existing solution to work with the Microsoft Analytics Platform System (APS). While some manual review may be necessary, BimlStudio and Biml Transformers will save hundreds or thousands of hours of manual development time while using automation to eliminate most conversion errors.

Reusable Design Patterns

Business Intelligence Markup Language (Biml) allows you to express common design patterns as reusable scripts, making it easy for your team to build consistently high-quality solutions. BimlScript lets you mix Biml markup with VB.NET or C# code inline, allowing you infinite flexibility and expressiveness. Unlike conventional template or script engines, BimlScript reads and processes your entire project solution, and reacts to changes in real time. Automate package generation and build reusable patterns for common BI tasks. Call or include other BimlScript to turn complex ETL patterns into simple, layered solutions.

Automatically Enforced Framework and Patterns

BimlStudio/Biml is so powerful that you can even change the way our system generates code, giving you incredible power and flexibility. Transformer BimlScripts allow you to automatically enforce design patterns and frameworks at compile time without developer interaction. Apply a common logging transformation across your entire project, or modify the slowly changing dimension pattern to use your company’s specific techniques. With Biml you can embed a little piece of your team architect into each and every BI developer. Design patterns done right.

Manage Large Team Projects

By providing a human readable and writable XML-based source language, Biml makes previously difficult team development scenarios straightforward. Source control, continuous integration, unit testing, and more are all standard parts of a Biml BI solution. This means that a single architect can oversee more developers and larger projects. Get more leverage and solve bigger problems.

Redefine Business Intelligence ROI

BimlStudio is more than just an easy to use interface with intuitive tools. With advanced design patterns and abstractions, and powerful scripting and reuse capabilities, BimlStudio delivers BI solutions that are on-time and on-budget.

Key Features

  • Accelerate Migration of Existing Data Warehouse to Microsoft APS
  • Reusable Design Patterns
  • Framework and Patterns Enforced in the Compiler
  • Manage Large Team Projects
  • Redefine Business Intelligence ROI

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