Results of the $10,000 Biml Challenge

Written by Kang Su Gatlin on 10.14.2011

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The $10,000 Biml Challenge took place over the last two days (10/12 & 10/13) on the Exhibition Hall floor at SQL PASS Summit 2011.

After compiling the results and conducting the drawing, we now have the winners.

The winners of the $500 drawing are:

Michael Wells & Jandee Richards

The Winner of The $10,000 Biml Challenge - taking home the $10,000 prize is:

David Darden

David Darden blazed through the Challenge in a mere 6 minutes and 39 seconds. Congratulations to David, Michael, and Jandee!

While the $10,000 Biml Challenge is now over you can always download Mist and Biml at

Shortly we'll post the actual contest instructions so you can see what users did during the Biml Challenge.