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Most recent update: 2024-06-16. Varigence is pleased to announce the newest version of BimlStudio! The 2024 R1 release includes updates to our Azure Data Factory support, full SSIS 2022 support, improved SSAS tabular support, MFA support to all database operations, and addresses many bug fixes.

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Full-featured Development Environment for Biml

Import Existing Solutions

Make changes and regenerate your packages by adding BimlScript automation; making your solution better and faster.

Visualize Entire BI Solutions

Watch your entire solution update itself by making changes in one place with our visual designer.

Autogenerate Documentation

Automatically load and customize anything you need with the free autogenerate documentation feature.


Modify existing projects with directives that target objects to transform and express how to execute the transform.

Code Completion

Code faster with instant intelligent code completion for Biml and BimlScript.

Tabular Model

Utilize our full support for SSAS/PowerBI tabular models for SQL Server 2016.

BimlStudio in Action

The best way to develop with Biml.

Real-time Code Generation

Quickly switch back and forth between the visual designer and the Biml editor.

Package Auto Layout

Click Auto Layout for a neatly organized control flow if your visual designer gets out of hand.

Code Completion

Speed up your development process with powerful code completion for Biml and BimlScript.

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