Great New SSIS Book talks about BIML

Written by Varigence Blog on 9.10.2012

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Varigence just received a copy of SQL Server 2012 Integration Services Design Patterns.

This book was written by SSIS gurus Andy Leonard, Matt Masson, Tim Mitchell, Jessica Moss and Michelle Ulford.

Design Patterns devotes an entire chapter to the revolutionary Business Intelligence Markup Language (Biml), which was created by Varigence. Biml has allowed BI developers worldwide to eliminate the repetition in generating SSIS packages, and do in hours what previously took days.

This book is a terrific resource for learning Biml. The Biml chapter begins with a brief history and then explains step by step, with several screen shots, how to:

  • Build your first Biml file inside of BIDS Helper
  • Build a pattern for Basic Incremental Load in a SSIS package
  • Use Biml as a SSIS Design Patterns Engine

In addition to the Biml chapter, Design Patterns covers 19 additional topics related to SQL Server 2012 that will help take your SSIS skills to the next level. SQL Server 2012 Integration Services Design Patterns is available through Amazon or Apress.