Mist 3.2 Released

Written by Varigence Blog on 3.25.2013



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Varigence is pleased to announce Mist 3.2. This release has a modernized user interface and improved package designer.

With Mist you can model and generate SSIS packages, SSAS cubes, and other BI assets using Business Intelligence Markup Language (Biml). Or leverage Mist designers for creating and modifying your BI assets. You can also import already made SSIS packages into Mist, allowing you to continue their development directly with Biml.

Further, Mist incorporates BimlScript, which lets you codify Biml creation with reusable templates and transformers. BimlScript makes it trivial to apply changes across several BI assets and enforce design patterns.

Mist is available with a perpetual or subscription license. Subscription licenses are renewed every 30 days with no commitment required.

New features in Mist 3.2 include:

  • UI Improvements
    • Modernized User Interface
      • Package Designer Details
      • Modernized Package Designer UI
      • Improved package dashboard
      • Package surface can scroll during drag and drop
      • When adding a task to the designer, vertical padding is added beneath it
    • Added visual notification to the Windows task bar when a build finishes
    • Added context menus to the Configuration designer
    • Project View multi-select works with shift+click
  • SSIS 2012
    • Fixed emission issues with package and project parameters
    • Fixed emission issues with log events
    • Proper emission of project connections with the Execute Package task
    • Native support for Expression task
    • Added protection level to package projects
    • Added package parameters to Expression Builder
  • Package Import
    • Import without IDs is now the default behavior
    • The following now import correctly
      • Log Events in SSIS 2012
      • Output paths for packages with script components
      • Packages with package parameters
      • Packages with connection names containing a backslash
      • Script tasks and components that use VB
  • Logical View
    • Execute Transformers context menu now sorts transformers alphabetically
    • Execute Transformers context menu now displays transformers that start with an underscore
    • Fixed duplication error when duplicating a package that references a script task or component
  • Project Designer
    • Use Project Deployment is only enabled when targeting SSIS 2012
  • Biml
    • Added ValidationReporter.Report(IFrameworkItem, Severity, Message, Recommendation) overload
    • Several improvements to error and validation reporting
  • Setup
    • Streamlined installer
    • Eliminated the SQL Server prerequisites from Mist installations
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