Mist 3.4 Released

Written by Varigence Blog on 11.6.2013



Mist 3.4

Varigence is pleased to announce the release of Mist 3.4, Mist is the only IDE made specifically for Business Intelligence Markup Language (Biml). Released less than two months after Mist 3.3, Mist 3.4 is another successful short release cycle that delivers powerful new features. Get a free 14 day trial of Mist at http://www.varigence.com/Products/FreeTrial.

Mist 3.4 New Features
  • Mist UI Changes
    • Added a forward/back button in the quick access toolbar. Forward and back can also be accessed with Alt-Left/Alt-Right, mouse buttons, or touch gestures. History is maintained for 15 items
      by default.
    • Added a search box to Project View which enables search/filtering by file name
    • Fix for missing root folders on project load
    • Added context menu commands for new sql generation extension methods (see below)
    • Copy Biml context menu item now on all objects. This will give you the raw Biml for any object, even if it is live scripted.
    • Changed the default on logical view to remove empty folders/groups when a search is active
    • Fixed a Mist crash when broken transformers are run from context menu.
    • Improvements to licensing and activation – especially in offline scenarios.
    • Added “View in BimlScript designer” to all logical view root items, which enables you to more easily see expanded Biml for live scripted objects
  • Package Editor
    • Entirely new Compact Mode that can be toggled with a new ribbon button and which is saved as a project setting.
    • ~20% performance improvement in Package Editor load time for big packages.
  • BimlEditor Changes
    • Added highlighting of matching delimiters (XML tags, code nuggets, multiline comments, braces, parentheses, etc.)-
    • Added highlighting of other instances of the currently selected text
    • Fixed intelliprompt to work better with code in included files
    • Added indentation guides, which are on by default.
  • Language and Compiler Changes
    • Added SurrogateKey as an option for table column ScdType.
    • File group modeling is now available on databases. Tables and indexes can be assigned to file groups explicitly
    • FilterPredicate has been added to AstIndexNode to support filtered indexes
    • Added DefaultConstraintName to AstTableColumnBaseNode to support naming the default constraint. This is especially useful for source controlled DBs
    • Added new properties for Package emission (VersionMajor, VersionMinor, VersionBuild, CreatorName, CreatorComputerName, CreatedDate).
    • Added support for DataflowOverrides, which provide functionality for changing much of the default options that the compiler sets on output paths and columns.
    • Fix to enable Text and NText in FlatFileFormats
    • Fixed custom component emitter bug reported in forums.
    • Fixed bug with custom log provider emission
  • Extension Methods
    • Added extension methods to string for XmlEscape and XmlUnescape
    • Added GetColumnCompareList and GetColumnAssignmentList methods on table for easier construction of complex sql queries
    • New extension methods to get CreateAndDropDdl for relational object types
    • New extension methods to get SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE query templates for tables
  • Package Importer
    • Importer enhanced to use DataflowOverrides
    • Added support to importer to disable import of SSIS descriptions as annotations. These are now on by default.
    • Lookup parameterized queries now import only if cache mode != full