Introducing BimlExpress

Written by Varigence Blog on 4.14.2016

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BimlExpress is a new Visual Studio add-in that includes everything that is currently available in the BIDS Helper Biml subset. In addition, it has a code editor that is similar in functionality to the BimlOnline code editor. Over time, we will be adding additional functionality to BimlExpress. BimlExpress is free just like BIDS Helper, we only require a valid email address to send a license key to.

Why did we create BimlExpress?

Biml in BIDS Helper has been a great combination. However sometimes we are ready to ship a new version of the Biml Engine but the next version of BIDSHelper isn't ready. Sometimes BIDSHelper wants to ship their new version and our Engine isn't ready. Those times occasionally line up, but usually don’t. Now both Varigence and BIDSHelper will be able to ship new versions soon as they're ready, allowing our Biml users to get the latest and greatest of everything as soon as possible.

Will Biml still be available in BIDSHelper?

Yes you can still use Biml with BIDSHelper. Each time BIDSHelper ships, we will ship it with whatever the newest Biml Engine happens to be. If users want the very latest functionality and additional features like the code editor, then BimlExpress will be there for them. This is all about giving away more functionality for free to Biml users.

Learn more about BimlExpress here.


Written by Guest on 4/19/2016 4:52:17 AM

This is great! Will this ever get reverse engineering capabilities? Generating biml from an exciting package?

Written by Tom12 on 4/21/2016 8:17:07 PM

I have downloaded and installed biml express. its asking for keys, so I have entered my email but I'm not receiving the email back with product key. When I close the activation window, project itself will open and I see BIMLEXPRESS tool bar but its not functioning. I had BI helper installed previously, and now BI helper is not working either.

Written by Tom12 on 4/21/2016 8:57:48 PM

Email was send to my junk email box. I was able to use BIMLEXPRESS!!! this is great! Love it.

Written by Barry on 4/29/2016 3:17:40 PM

Getting an error message in BIML Express when I check for errors about could not load file for Microsoft.DataWarehouse.Interfaces. BIDS Helper works fine.

Varigence BimlStudio 5.0 (32-bit) Build 5.0.60425.0 Plugins: No plugins have been loaded

Written by Guest on 10/6/2017 8:31:41 AM

How can I generate Azure Data factory from BIML script through Visual Studio? When I install BIMLExpress add in, it is giving me option to create BIML file for SSIS solution and from there generate SSIS package but same option is not avaialble for Azure Data factory solution. Can you help me on this? Your prompt response will be highly appreciated.

Written by Guest on 1/19/2018 5:09:30 AM

Doesn't want to install on top of SSDT. Requires a more complete install of VS :(

Written by Guest on 9/24/2018 6:10:30 PM

I installed BIML and I can see it within Visual Studio 2017. But I didn't receive any product key after I entered my information including email. I tried several times but no luck. I checked the inbox folder, trash folder and junk folder (I am using outlook), but no email came in with product key. I tried to use my gmail again, but still no luck.