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Written by Varigence Blog on 7.17.2017

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It's an exciting time for Varigence and Biml users around the world. Today we have made our largest coordinated release in company history. We will be sharing much more over the coming weeks about all of the great new functionality in the Biml product suite. For now, here is a very brief overview:

We've rewritten our product pages, added new and improved documentation, and made improvements to the store and quoting process. Perhaps most exciting, though are the changes to our account page. In minutes, you can create your own self-activating keys for BimlStudio and BimlExpress offline scenarios that last for up to 6 months. Even better, when your offline key is nearing expiration, we'll send you an email with a conventient renewal link.

Mist is Now BimlStudio!

The new version of Mist is called BimlStudio 2017 and offers a ton of great features, including overhauled source control, tabular model support, global include files, Biml bundles, and so much more. The most noticeable change, though, is the new name and styling. BimlStudio does a far better job of conveying the purpose of the tool. We hope you love the improvements as much as we do.

BimlExpress 2017

BimlExpress 2017 is the latest in our free SSDT add-in. Enjoy performance improvements, bug fixes, global includes, an expanded Biml preview window, and more! Plust, we now use a VSIX installer for BimlExpress, so it will work perfectly with all of your individual and enterprise deployment scenarios.

Introducing BimlFlex

For years, customers have enjoyed the ability to use Biml to create their own customer data development frameworks. Many users wondered if it might make more sense for them to buy a framework someoneone else had already written rather than building their own. BimlFlex answers that question. Use our metadata model to rapidly build staging, ODS, data vault, dimensional warehouses, data marts, cubes, tabular models, or any subset of those capabilities.

Check out out everything we shipped today and stay tuned for more details soon!


Written by Guest on 9/3/2017 11:11:32 PM

Sounds great guys! Look forward to seeing it! :-)

Written by Guest on 5/4/2018 3:55:52 PM

Is any of this true a year later? My key says it is expired and I didn't get any email. I can no longer find the offline key generator nor does the password reset on the website seem to work. So I had to create a second account. I actually need this to work right now to deploy an update to a solution. This whole key thing has been one of the most painful part of using BIML. I guess you're trying to make people pay the $4k for BIML Studio but I can't convince my company of that kind of a price for a single project especially when it has been so difficult to deal with the BIML software.

Written by Varigence Support on 5/4/2018 4:11:55 PM

Everything in the blog post was true on the date of publication and remains true today.

Your renewal reminder mail may have been routed to a junk mail folder. You now appear to have an urgent need for a key update. Have you attempted to contact with your machine code, if you are having issues with the website?

The keys are required to prove user counts to partners and to prevent piracy by 3rd party software vendors that attempt to use the Biml engine in their own software without appropriate licensing. Very many free products (most with far less functionality than BimlExpress) use a similar model.

What difficulties have you had with Biml software aside from this recent key issue?