BimlFlex 2018 - Data Vault End Dating

Written by Peter Avenant on 3.16.2018

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BimlFlex 2018 - Data Vault End Dating

When it comes to applying end dates in Data Vault there are a number blogs, books, and discussions on LinkedIn forums. Standards about dates and time have evolved for Data Vault and because there is no centrally managed, open forum to monitor Data Vault standards, you will have to buy books from various authors to try and stitch together the rules.

Data Vault End Dating Explained

During my research into end dating and various discussions with Roelant Vos, I decided not to write another article about the pros and cons of adding end dates. Instead, I recorded a webcast that looks at why and how you can selectively configure this using BimlFlex.

Data Vault End Dating Performance

In this webcast, we configure ETL and ELT templates running initial and delta loads. We look at the performance differences in both these approaches with and without end dating. Spoiler alert it is all about choice and the choice is yours because everybody's requirements are different.

Watch Data Vault End Dating Part1

Watch Data Vault End Dating Part2

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