Most recent update: 2024-06-16. Varigence is pleased to announce the newest version of BimlFlex! The 2024 R1 release adds support for Databricks, a new documentation generation feature, significantly improved diagramming features, improves load and build performance, and addresses many bug fixes.

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What is BimlFlex?

BimlFlex is a collection of templates, metadata definitions, and tooling that enables you to build
an end-to-end data solution without ever writing a single line of code.

You can pick and choose which of the following capabilities you would like to implement. Just one, a subset, or all of it - you're in control.

Staging & PSA

Staging Database

Source data from all common sources or easily extend for unusual sources.

Persisted Staging Area

Unified source data with optional history tracking.

Data Vault Modeling

Raw Data Vault

Define your data vault model and mappings. BimlFlex does the rest.

Business Data Vault

PIT, Bridge, and business logic are a breeze to implement - virtualized or materialized

Dimensional Modeling

Dimensional Warehouse

Kimball and Inmon approaches are fully supported

Data Marts

Using Dimension or Data Vault warehouses as a basis, build one or many data marts

Upfront, No-Hassle Pricing

No hidden costs. Our fully published pricing respects your time, and we believe the value speaks for itself.

  • Individual
  • Single user license
  • $ 995 / Month
  • $ 9,950 / Year
  • Team
  • Two to five user licenses
  • $ 795 / Month
  • $ 7,950 / Year
  • Enterprise
  • Over five user licenses
  • $ 695 / Month
  • $ 6,950 / Year

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The BimlFlex Workflow

Benefits of BimlFlex

Flexible Data Framework

Get incredible flexibility and extensibility with extension points and custom attributes.

Robust Metadata Mapping Tool

Enter requirements into a metadata database through our BimlFlex Excel Add-in.

Avoid Data Debt

Avoid slow traditional tools and solve your data debt problem with the speed, power, and flexibility of BimlFlex.

Shorter Delivery Times

Automate the creation of your documentation, data assets, and transforms, enabling you to model a quality solution and meet project deadlines.

Simplified Maintenance

Store your requirements in a machine-readable metadata database and automate the rebuilding of your solution, simplifying maintenance and error fixing.

Upfront Pricing

Don’t waste time with incessant sales calls and hidden costs for adding basic features. Our fully-published pricing respects your time, and the value speaks for itself.

Data Modeling

We built BimlFlex with the power of Biml and metadata-driven automation while employing the best and most commonly used modelling philosophies (Kimball, Inmon, DataVault). BimlFlex was built in collaboration with Biml experts with full transparency at every opportunity.

Automation + Customization

BimlFlex automation addresses 80-90% of real-world scenarios while giving you the control to customize the last 10-20% with extension points, custom attributes, and our metadata editor.

Extensive Source and Destination Support

On-premise or in the cloud BimlFlex supports many sources and destinations to meet your organization’s unique and growing requirements.

  • Standard Providers
  • OLE DB
  • Excel OLE DB
  • ODBC
  • File
  • Multi File
  • FTP
  • MSMQ
  • SMTP
  • HTTP
  • WMI
  • Cache
  • On-Premise/IaaS Databases
  • Flat File
  • Multi Flat File
  • SQL Server Management
  • Analysis Services
  • SQL Server DQS
  • SQL Server PDW
  • Oracle
  • Teradata
  • Azure Blob
  • Azure Table
  • Azure SQL Database
  • Azure SQL Data Warehouse
  • Cloud
  • Azure DocumentDB
  • Azure Data Lake Store
  • MySQL Database
  • DB2 Database
  • Sybase Database
  • PostgreSQL Database
  • Hadoop Distributed File System
  • OData sources
  • Web table
  • GE Historian

"A near tenfold increase in productivity compared with hand-coded ETL. . ."

"We needed a modern, sustainable metadata technology that automated and integrated our data warehousing. . . . From an initial market scan of around 30 offerings, we conducted a paper-based assessment to narrow the choice to 3. We then conducted a proof-of-concept for those three using a real business use case. BimlFlex was the clear winner and demonstrated a near tenfold increase in productivity compared with hand-coded ETL in SAS or SSIS."

"You should consider the BimlFlex solution. . ."

"BimlFlex makes sophisticated Data Warehouse technologies like Data Vault surprisingly affordable, and we are regularly seeing new features to reduce time to build. In my view, for any new Data Warehouse project, you should use metadata oriented tools for ETL automation. And specifically, you should consider the BimlFlex solution."

- Damian Towler, Enterprise Data Strategist, Credit Union Australia

- Alnis Bajars, BI/DW Manager, Inabox Group

Calculate Your Savings

The pricing tool below calculates the approximate cost of building a traditional framework versus purchasing BimlFlex.


Data Vault

Persistent Staging


How big is your project?

Source Systems

Source Tables

Data Vault objects:

Hubs: 100

Links: 100

Satellites: 100



Cube Measure Groups

Cube Dimensions


Development Team

Cost per developer hour

Number of data warehouse developers

Implementation Costs

Hours to develop and implement a staging table

Hours to develop and implement a hub

Hours to develop and implement a link

Hours to develop and implement a satellite

Hours to develop and implement a dimension

Hours to develop and implement a fact table

Hours to develop and implement a measure group

Hours to develop and implement a cube dimension

Reset values

Traditional Framework
Implementation Cost

$ 60,000 USD

Development time

100 hours

Implementation time

1 year

Implementation Cost

$ 10,000 USD

License Cost

$ 10,000 USD

Development time

100 hours

Implementation time

1 year

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Upfront, no-hassle pricing.

Estimates are based on industry average.

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