At Varigence we empower companies of any size to make
easier, faster, and better decisions with their data.

Who We Are

Varigence was founded in 2008 with an ambitious vision to bring affordable data solutions to companies of any size through automation. We develop our products and empower our customers across the globe from offices in Greenville, SC and Sydney, Australia. As data of all kinds becomes more accessible, we will continue to level the playing field and prevent monopolization by making business intelligence available to all.

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Career Opportunities

Want to work on cutting edge technology and help change the way business is done around the world? At Varigence we do exactly that. Send us your resume to see how you can become a part of the team and help change the business intelligence landscape.

Varigence offers a truly unique set of tools in the Business Intelligence sector. We are looking for developers who are ready to embrace their role in creating the most robust, extensible and user-friendly data mining software available. In addition to the top-tier base salary that your skill set commands, we offer a comprehensive benefits package.

Qualifications we look for in a great developer include:

  • Expert-level knowledge of C#, .NET Framework, algorithmic analysis, and design patterns
  • Experience in designing, implementing, debugging, profiling, and tuning of high performance applications across multiple product releases
  • A minimum of 3 years of product development experience
  • Flexibility to code against multiple simultaneous releases
  • A BA/BS in Computer Science/Engineering

Preferred Candidates Will Possess:

  • Proficiency with SQL Server BI, SSAS, SSIS
  • Proficiency with WPF and/or Silverlight
  • Solid understanding of information retrieval, data mining, machine learning, and pattern recognition

Do you want to be a part of a revolutionary new company in the thriving business intelligence space? Varigence is on the cutting edge of a new way to deliver business intelligence and we want your help.

As a tester on this team you will working extremely closely with an experienced development team to ensure that the shipped products are of unquestionable quality. You’ll own the full end-to-end test story for a product(s), from test plan creation to execution. You’ll own the scheduling and estimation of test work, and work with the developers to ensure that testability is built into the product. You’ll also play a critical role in assessing when a product is ready to ship.

Our philosophy is the role of QA should be to build process, automation, and tests to ensure that the product is defect free from the start - not to find bugs late in the product cycle.

The skills that will make for an exceptional tester at Varigence include:

  • A passion for computing technology.
  • Strong knowledge of the Microsoft business intelligence stack including SQL Server, SSIS, and SSAS, and Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables.
  • Expertise in modern testing and software lifecycles. If TDD and MVVM are acronyms that roll off the tongue, then you’re in the right place.
  • UI automation experience, including continuous integration, unit testing, ui/acceptance testing, profiling / performance testing, and code coverage frameworks.
  • Passion to explore more innovative methods for testing products and features, such as making use of highly virtualized labs.
  • Experience with Microsoft web services technologies such as IIS, ActiveDirectory, Kerberos, and WCF is a plus.

If you’re ready to change the face of business computing then look no further, apply today.

We believe that great documentation in the product (property panes, tool tips, guided tutorials, etc...) and out of the product (user guides, web pages, etc...) can make the difference between a product being loved or it being hidden in obscurity. At Varigence we’re creating a new approach to building and using business intelligence solutions. We need you to write the documentation to ensure that all of our customers understand and can exploit the full potential of the Varigence product line.

Your responsibilities as writer will include writing conceptual documentation, reference documentation, in-product documentation, website content, sample code, and scripts for video tutorials. You will also participate in contributing to the blog and answering customer questions.

Qualifications that we look for in a great writer are:

  • 3+ years of experience writing technical documentation.
  • Knowledge of Excel, XML, and SQL Server technologies.
  • Proficiency with enterprise computing technology. For example, can easily format and reconfigure a computer with Microsoft Business Intelligence stack or setup ActiveDirectory. You need to be able to setup a real environment to understand and write about it.
  • Ability to work independently.
  • Ability to learn new tools and processes quickly.
  • Knowledge of IIS is a plus.

As you know, great copy doesn’t just write itself. If you can help us, please apply now!

We are looking for a great designer to build a visual identity around the Varigence brand. The focus will be on visual design of our client and web applications, but as a small company there are a variety of opportunities work on other types of projects. Outside of core product commitments, your interest and experience will be your guide in how you pull together the threads of our visual identity.

Varigence has very little bureaucracy. Expect to work closely with developers and to see your designs translated into product in weeks rather than months or years.

Qualifications we look for in a great designer include:

  • A strong portfolio that demonstrates an ability to create great designs in different styles
  • Proficiency with graphic design tools including Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Experience working with client application UI design
  • Passion for building a visual identity around an entire brand, rather than owning small pieces
  • A BA/BS in Graphic Design or related field of study

Preferred Candidates Will Possess:

  • Proficiency with Microsoft Expression Blend
  • Experience with business intelligence and/or database technologies