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Introduction to Databricks Solutions with BimlFlex Data Automation

Written by Peter Avenant on 10.18.2023

In the "Introduction to Databricks and BimlFlex Integration" session, attendees learn how to integrate Databricks with BimlFlex using a practical example. The presentation covers establishing connections to diverse data sources, efficient data storage using landing and persistent connections, and delves into advanced configurations within Databricks. The session also emphasizes building Databricks notebooks, optimizing Azure Data Factory pipelines, and managing data storage, staging, and archiving. Moreover, a detailed look into the Azure Data Factory instance highlights the significance of storing artifacts and scripts in GitHub for streamlined deployment.

BimlFlex: The Power of Modular Data Integration and Automation

Written by Peter Avenant on 10.18.2023

BimlFlex ensures that businesses can tailor their data solutions precisely to their needs, ensuring efficiency and adaptability in an ever-evolving digital landscape

The Top Five Challenges of Data Lakes and how to overcome them with a Data Lakehouse

Written by Peter Avenant on 2.23.2023

BimlFlex's next version will include Databricks automation support, extending to all data pipeline layers, and has received positive feedback from customers. This development can save time and costs, improve data quality, and provide robust data insights for businesses. An upcoming blog post will provide instructions on configuring and implementing a fully automated Databricks solution.

Automating Change Data Capture on Azure Data Factory: Streamline Your Data Integration with BimlFlex

Written by Peter Avenant on 2.15.2023

Discover how BimlFlex, a metadata-driven framework, can help you automate Change Data Capture (CDC) on Azure Data Factory (ADF), creating efficient, scalable, and reusable solutions with significantly less manual effort. Learn how to overcome common CDC implementation challenges, including full load or initial load and restarting CDC, and improve the overall efficiency of your data integration process.

Combining DBT with BimlFlex

Written by Roelant Vos on 8.21.2022

During our travels, we are regularly asked how BimlFlex compares against DBT. Our BimlFlex data solution automation framework would be compared against all our competitors, of course, but DBT is the odd one out in this case. It is worth covering this in detail. This is because BimlFlex and DBT are not really competing. In fact, they can complement each other.

Dev Diary - Initial Extension Points added to Mapping Data Flows

Written by Roelant Vos on 5.26.2022

As part of ongoing improvements for our Mapping Data Flows feature, we are adding the first (of many) extension points.