Welcome to the Varigence Blog

Written by Varigence Blog on 1.10.2011



You've made it to the Varigence blog, welcome!

The first thing you should know is who we are. Varigence team members live and breathe business intelligence and application development. We were brought together by a vision that business intelligence could be made much more efficient and effective. As a business we currently have one shipping product, Vivid, and another product, Mist, slated for release at the end of January 2011. Varigence also provides consulting and training services to help customers accelerate adoption of our products and frameworks.

The goals of this blog are:

  • Develop content that will enable you to rapidly build better solutions with the Microsoft SQL Server product family.
  • Demonstrate the advantages of building Microsoft SQL Server solutions with the Varigence tools and frameworks.
  • Share discoveries and insights about the Microsoft SQL Server product family that were made during product development.
  • Provide insight into the decisions and motivations used in building products such as Vivid and Mist.
  • Go under the hood on technical aspects of building our business intelligence products.

Here you'll see articles that range from talking about new product releases, tips on how to better use features in our products, general BI and data warehousing development strategies, .NET developer tips, Office developer tips, musing about the industry, and anything else we think would be of value to the readers. Let us know if there is something specific you'd like us to write about.