Unleash the power of BimlBundles with BimlStudio 2017

Written by Peter Avenant on 8.2.2017



In this webinar recording, we show you BimlBundles and Extension Points that provide you the ability to precompile your Biml code in a distributable bundle.

In building BimlFlex we looked at the competition, and the one thing they don't do or do very poorly is the ability to extend upon their solution when your requirements do not fit their solution. Watch the webinar and see how you can also offer our customers unprecedented customization and flexibility.

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Written by Guest on 9/11/2017 2:21:18 PM

When will it work with VS 2017?

Written by Guest on 10/6/2017 8:27:50 AM

How can I generate Azure Data factory from BIML script through Visual Studio? When I install BIMLExpress add in, it is giving me option to create BIML file for SSIS solution and from there generate SSIS package but same option is not avaialble for Azure Data factory. Can you help me on this?

Written by PeterAvenant on 11/23/2017 11:37:13 PM

Azure Data Factory support will only be in BimlStudio and will be in the next maintenance release ready for preview later this year.