The Fastest Snowflake Data Vault

Written by Peter Avenant on 6.10.2019




We sponsored WWDVC along with Snowflake this year, and Kent Graciano from Snowflake did an excellent presentation on using multiple compute warehouses to load your Data Vault in parallel.

He also mentioned that instead of using hash keys, you could use the business key for integration and Dan Linstedt confirmed that this is an approved approach. However, they were both quick to point out that you should verify if this approach is right for you. Before Kent's presentation, he said to me, or more correctly challenge the vendors to see who can add support for this.

Snowflake Parallel Automation

Well, challenge accepted, and we are now the only vendor that offers Snowflake Data Vault automation taking advantage of their unique features. In the webcast, we demonstrate how you can switch between HashKey and BusinessKey implementations and also configure multiple Snowflake compute warehouses for extreme parallel loading.

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See it in action

We recommend that you use BimlFlex to do a proof of concept and see the performance benefits for yourself. BimlFlex is also the only Snowflake Data Vault automation solution offered as a monthly subscription so no need for a massive upfront expense.

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