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Unleash the power of BimlBundles with BimlStudio 2017

Written by Peter Avenant on 8.2.2017

See the full article and webinar recording for BimlBundles with BimlStudio 2017

What's new in BimlExpress 2017? by Cathrine Wilhelmsen

Written by Peter Avenant on 7.19.2017

BimlExpress Webinar Recording

Azure Data Warehouse Automation with BimlFlex

Written by Peter Avenant on 7.18.2017

Leverage metadata-driven DWA and data transformation optimized specifically for all Azure Data Warehousing options. For one of our BimlFlex customers in Australia, we integrated data from a distributed network point of sale systems. The ability to extract, compress and prepare data at source was critical to delivering an optimized solution.

Big Things Happening Today

Written by Varigence Blog on 7.17.2017

It's an exciting time for Varigence and Biml users around the world. Today we have made our largest coordinated release in company history..

Introducing BimlExpress

Written by Varigence Blog on 4.14.2016

BimlExpress is a new Visual Studio add-in that includes everything that is currently available in the BIDS Helper Biml subset. In addition, it has a code editor that is similar in functionality...

BimlOnline Beta Release

Written by on 11.13.2015

We are excited to announce the release of BimlOnline Beta, the first web-based IDE for Biml. There are a few cool features that we want to tell you about before you dive into using BimlOnline...